Violence Awareness Mitigation Program


The purpose of the Violence Awareness Mitigation Program is to: 

  • Recognize behaviors that indicate the potential for violence in students and community members
  • Use techniques in non-physical situations to diffuse the potential for violence
  • Develop self-defense skills to protect themselves and others from violence  

The VAMP program is broken into two 4 hour sections:

  • VAMP introduces the student to the basic principles of threat recognition and basic self defense techniques. 
  •  Advanced VAMP covers higher level threats and pattern recognition of armed assailants, as well as allowing the student to engage in scenarios that allow them to apply the knowledge they have gained in both classes. Completion of VAMP is required prior to participation in Advanced VAMP.  

There are 3 Formats:

  • VAMP for front end customer service representative (receptionists, cashiers, etc.)
  • VAMP for individuals who are involved in face to face, office interviews, or “on scene” interactions (GWHP Staff, UCC Counselors, etc.). 
  • VAMP instructors can also teach a hybrid class if your office includes individuals from both categories. 

Participants will learn techniques that will help them in situations that range from dealing with disruptive students, specific threats directed at the individual, and managing aspects of major incidents, including active shooters. The program is also designed to enhance each participant’s relationship with the GW Police Department and better understand the Department’s response to various incidents on campus.  Participants will gain a better knowledge of university policies and protocols in reference to serious incidents on campus.

Requests can be made through the Violence Awareness Mitigation Program Request Form