Sexual Assault

The George Washington University Sexual Assault Response Consultative (SARC) team  responds 24/7 to help victims of sexual assault. The SARC team can be reached at any time, day or night, by calling 202-994-7222.

The SARC team is composed of professional staff members from across the University who are specially trained and prepared to assist the survivor of all types of sexual assault. The team members do not act as counselors. Instead they provide resources to the survivor to make informed decisions following a sexual assault. 

It's important to note that the SARC team is available to provide help regardless of whether or not the survivor has reported the incident to GWPD or DC Metropolitan Police. While the SARC team is supported by GWPD, it functions independently, and while encouraged, a survivor is not required to file a police report in order to receive assistance from the SARC team.

When GWPD officers respond to a report of sexual assault, they will also offer the survivor the option of notifying the SARC team for assistance.

The Annual Safety and Security Report contains information about the University's procedures for responding to sexual assault. 


Contact the GWPD Office of Victims' Services