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GW Police Department has joined forces with SafePlace-USA to provide electronic room safes for students to purchase or rent to secure their valuables. If a student purchases or rents a safe through this program, SafePlace-USA will install (bolt) the safe in the closet of their place of residence (see the purchase or rental agreement for details) soon after it is purchased or rented, at the convenience of the student.

The option of purchasing or renting a safe through this program is being made available because the GW Police Department wants students to have easy access to this type of crime prevention tool. Today, students bring many sentimental and valuable possessions with them to GW, including lap top computers, iPods, cell phones, cash, credit and debit cards, cameras, jewelry, medications, and passports. These types of items can easily be secured in your child’s room safe. We know from years of experience that students do not always secure their residence hall room doors when they leave. This is particularly challenging for students who have roommates, as one roommate may be diligent about the security of their room and other roommates may be more lackadaisical. We also know that student to student theft accounts for the majority of thefts in the GW residence halls. Use of a safe will dramatically increase the security of each student’s valuable possessions.

Students or their parents/guardians can purchase or rent a safe today online by clicking the link for the SafePlace-USA website ( The initial installation of the safe and the maintenance during matriculation will be free. If the student moves from one room to another, on campus or near the campus, SafePlace-USA will handle the move of the safe for a nominal fee of $35 (removal and reinstallation). The safe has a personalized 4-digit PIN number, and the GW Police Department has a SafePlace-USA over-ride system which can open the safe in emergencies or if owner forgets the four digit entry number. Utilization of this unique feature will be handled by two GW Police Officers who will be trained to respond and assist the owner. Students can purchase a safe for $435. The purchase price of $435 compares favorably to the cost of renting a safe for two consecutive semesters (minimum) for $175. Renting a safe for four years would cost an individual $700. The life of the safe is estimated to be twenty years, so individuals can take their safe with them after graduation and continue using it for years to come. A safe is a great investment! This program is also available to employees of GW. If an employee or a GW department purchases a safe for an employee for their GW work space, the safe will be installed in their GW office at the convenience of the employee. If an employee buys a safe for their home, SafePlace-USA will not install the safe, but the safes are easy to install and the employee can install the safe in their private residence at their convenience. We hope that you will find this crime prevention program useful and convenient!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jeff Bauman at 201-446-8912. You can also email

For more information regarding SafePlace-USA, visit