Online Forms

The online form directory provides students, staff, and faculty members with an alphabetized list of forms necessary to receive services from the George Washington University Police Department. Forms completed by hand should be submitted to Rome Hall Suite 101 during normal business hours (9am-5pm). Questions should be directed to 

Physical Security Survey Request

This form allows staff and faculty members to request a security survey of a specific location, as conducted by the GW Police Department. 

Building and Room Admit Request

This form allows staff and faculty members to request that employees or students be given after hours GWorld access to buildings and office spaces on campus. 

Crime Prevention Programming Request

Individuals can request a variety of crime prevention discussions and workshops for a variety of audiences. 

GWPD Criminal History Check

This form is for use by background investigators who need to check current and former student's criminal history at GWPD. Please note that the form must be completed in its entirety in order to be processed. 

Harassing Incident Log

GWPD recommends that individuals experiencing harassment via the telephone or the internet document each instance using this log. Documented incidents can help investigators develop evidence and leads in harassment investigations. 

Incident Report Request

Students involved in incidents on campus may request a copy of the GWPD incident report. All requests are subject to approval or rejection by the Assistant Chief of Police. 

Campus Security Authority Reporting Forms

Campus Security Authorities can report use these forms to report crimes. The crime reporting form and the sexual assault reporting form.

Report Threatening Behavior or Other Behavioral Concerns

This form allows individuals who are concerned about a student staff or faculty member can bring threatening or concerning behavior to the threat assessment team 

Ride Along Request

GWPD offers ride-alongs to individuals who would like to gain a hand's on knowledge of how GWPD operates. This is particularly useful for individuals considering a career in policing. 

Security Services Request

This form allows the community to request security and other event services during campus events. 

Service Feedback Form

Comments, Complaints, and Suggestions can be sent to the Assistant Chief of Police regarding the performance of GWPD officers and staff. 

Violence Awareness Mitigation Programming (VAMP) Request Form

VAMP provides threat awareness and reduction training to GW staff members and student leaders who provide front end customer service or who work in situations where a higher potential for violence is present.