The George Washington University Police Department is a campus law enforcement agency with over 100 full-time uniformed police and security officers and a 17 member management team. The team consists of the Chief and specialists in crime prevention, victim services, training, investigations, special operations, accreditation, and student services. 

The Department provides professional law enforcement, security, and safety services to the university community.  Law enforcement in a university setting creates a unique opportunity to embrace the principles of community policing which incorporate visible and effective patrol with community service and educational programming for the students and employees of the institution. 

The George Washington University Police Department integrates all of these concepts in order to maintain a friendly and safe environment on an urban campus with more than 25,000 university community members.

The Foggy Bottom campus is located in downtown Washington, DC, four blocks from the White House.  This location offers a unique opportunity for working closely with other agencies such as the Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Metropolitan Police Department.  Examples of these partnerships are evident when foreign dignitaries or government officials (such as the President of the United States) visit the campus or attend a university event.

The Department's relationship with the university community, as well as the surrounding residential and business community, continues to grow and prosper.

There are a variety of employment opportunities to explore within the George Washington University Police Department.

To apply, visit the GW Jobs portal, the centralized database of all positions available at the George Washington University.