The George Washington University Emergency Medical Response Group (EMeRG) is a student-based volunteer organization licensed to provide Basic Life Support by the District of Columbia. EMeRG serves the  Foggy Bottom and the Mount Vernon campuses. 

During the academic year, EMeRG serves the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Foggy Bottom campus, and from 6PM-8AM, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays on the Mount Vernon campus.

EMeRG is staffed by student volunteers licensed as Emergency Medical Technicians at the Basic level or higher in the District of Columbia. To maintain a high level of professional standards, EMeRG staff also completes in service training consisting of Continuing Medical Education classes, vigorous precepting, and call review activities

In addition to its primary mission of providing outstanding medical care to the GW community, EMeRG engages the community through outreach programs that promote general health and welfare. 

Through a partnership with the Office of Health and Safety, EMeRG provides CPR/AED instruction, for free, as part of GW's Public Access Defibrillation program. 
More Information about EMeRG including how to get involved and how to schedule programming is available on their website.