Blue Light Phones

GWPD operates over thirty blue light phones on the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon Campuses. There are also panic alarm buttons in the stairwells and secluded areas of several university buildings and parking garages. You should familiarize yourself with the locations of the blue lights and the panic buttons on campus. If you need assistance, see something that is suspicious, or see someone else who needs assistance, you should activate a blue light phone and speak directly with the GWPD dispatcher.

Once activated, a large blue strobe light flashes from the top of the phone tower and the GWPD dispatcher is notified immediately. Officers will always respond to an activated blue light phone. 

Use the map provided by GWPD and become familiar with the locations of the blue lights that you pass as you walk through campus. 

Additionally, the GW Mobile App allows you to see your location in relation to the blue light phones on campus. Simply download the app from the app store, and look for blue light phones under the emergency menu.

On the Mount Vernon Campus, blue light phones are located in the following areas: 

  • In between Somers Hall & Eckles Library
  • Adjacent to building entrance at Hand Chapel
  • Outside of ADA entrance at West Hall

Panic Buttons

Like the blue light phones, panic buttons send an alarm to the GWPD dispatcher, and officers will respond to their activation. Unlike the blue light phones, panic buttons will not flash a strobe light or connect you through a phone to the dispatcher. Panic buttons are most commonly located in garages and stairwells including the following areas:

  • Marvin Center Parking Garage
  • Funger Hall Garage
  • Ross Hall Garage
  • Medical Faculty Associates Garage
  • Academic Center Garage
  • Duquès Hall Garage
  • Media and Public Affairs Building Garage
  • 1957/1959 E Street Garage
  • Lerner Health & Wellness Center Garage
  • Dakota Garage
  • City Hall Garage
  • Amsterdam Hall Garage
  • Ivory Tower Garage
  • South Hall (2135 F Street) Garage
  • Aston Garage
  • G Street Garage (Law Learning Center)
  • Science and Engineering Hall Garage